Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

About me

Hello everybody 

I would like to introduce myself. My name is RM moch iqbal AA, You can call me iqbal. I was born in Bandung 25 april 1998.
A live at Jl.gagak barat no.10 rt.01 rw.14 Bandung. I am the first child from the four siblings. I have two brothers and one sister, from those three siblings they're age are far from each other. My parents both of them are head master. 

My hobby is about automotive love with modified cars and motorcycles, car modification such as changing the exterior and interior. I joined one of the car community in Bandung named Cartoon. my father support me with that community and actually my father same as me he like automotive too, that's why he support me. 

I am a student at SMAN 3 Bandung and now at the third grade, I chose social class. Because social class is the best and social class is a lot of fun. Not like other class they have 30 or 35 we only have 7 student. But you know what, the first grade now its have about 24 and thats a lot of people.

After I graduate from high school i wanted to join the police academy, why did I chose police academy because that is my dream even to get there is hard, Because it's a dream I will fight to enter the police academy to train every day. By studying for four years with good score i will be an officer. I want to make this country better by put all the coruptor into jail.

That's all about me. About my family, my dream. Wish me luck so i can make this country better thank you 

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