Jumat, 11 September 2015

"Bandung city" description

About bandung

Why i made this video ? 
The first one is because I was born here in bandung, the second one is because I like to make video about places especially Bandung my hometown, and the last is because my teacher asked me to make a video project about my hometown.  

In this video, i took some videos from heritage buildings and other interesting places in bandung so that the tourists could check out the beautiful of bandung from my video before they come to bandung.

I show bandung from moning until night because i want to tell people's  that bandung is always busy and there is so many places that people should see like Moko Hill, Gedung Sate, Geology Museum, Pos Indonesia, Pasupati bridge, Husen Airport, pet park, and other place. I can't write all of them because there's so many places in Bandung. From north, west, south, and east.