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Hydroponic cultivation

What is hydroponic?

Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture and is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

here I will explain how to create hydroponic crops in step by step. I start from the materials needed to make hydroponics :

1 plastic box 
1 perforated lid 
1 slab rockwool
1 package nutrition A & B
16 netpot with the axis of flannel
seed red spinach, kale, etc. 

Making process :

you should first perforate the plastic lid box for storing netpot 

 input netpot to give it a try and make sure not too big

 Netpot for rockwool slabs and flannel

flannel, cut to length to be kept under netpot as a place to absorb water and nutrients to the plant.

 both these packs are a and b, which (a) protein, (b) nutrition 

(A) Protein 

(B) Nutrition

The two packs dissolve into a different bottle containing 1000 ml of water and stir until the color blends with water

the contents of a plastic box with enough water. 

pour 1 cup of water A and B. input into the water that was in the box plastic. 
Water is ready to be used as a substitute for soil in the planting of this.


kale seedlings (seeds that have become the stems of plants, and is ready to be planted hydroponically.)

Rockwool is one of the growing media are widely used by hydroponic growers.

rockwool opened and the seeds stored in the midst of rockwool, closed so that the seed covering half the seed rod. like the picture above.

rockwool are already given seeds move into netpot. until rockwool immersed in water to get nutrition.

note : monitor the development of hydroponic crops every day to know the development of hydroponics.

Me, friends and teacher Mrs. elis. 

Thanks. Good luck making the plant by means of hydroponics.

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